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Wills Trusts Package

Wills Trusts Package Protection

A will and trust is the foundation of an estate plan. It helps to outline your needs and goals to ensure that, when you die or something happens to you and you cannot make decisions that someone knows what your wishes are. This is a powerful tool that can go further, even helping to protect your assets and ensuring your family gets the funds they need. At Streamlined Estate Planning, we can work closely with you to ensure all of your wishes are met. We do this as will and trust attorneys with years of experience and resources to guide you through the entire process with ease.

What Goes Into a Wills Trusts Package?

We can customize the wills trusts package to fit your needs. If you have specific wishes or goals, we can add in components to your estate plan that includes documents to make those decisions legal. We can also work closely with you to address any concerns you may have. Most of the time, a will is the foundation of your estate plan. It creates the instructions for what happens next. A trust, then, is a legal entity itself that helps to shelter your assets and minimizes the tax obligations on them. This can help you to pass assets on to your loved ones without the harsh estate taxes that may be applicable in your case. It can also help you leave funds behind for grandchildren or others while still giving you some control over when and how these funds can be accessed and used. Our will and trust attorneys will help to understand what your wishes are in these areas to ensure the legal documents convey them.
What Else You Need from a Texas Wills Lawyer

In addition to all of these factors, you also will work with our will and trust attorneys to outline healthcare power of attorneys, general power of attorneys, beneficiary designations, and much more. Let our team learn what your goals are and to understand what your options are.

A Texas wills lawyer is dedicated to working with you in the most effective manner possible. Even if you are unsure what your decisions are or what you need to do, that is okay. Reach out to our team today. Let us provide a free 10 minute consultation to discuss your needs. If you decide to move forward with our Texas wills lawyer, you will then set up a time to get the process started. In about two weeks, you can have your documents in place and ready to protect you.

At Streamlined Estate Planning, we want to ensure you have the right wills and trusts package for your needs. Meet with our team today to learn more.

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