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Estate Planning Package

What Is an Estate Planning Package?

Every person’s wishes for their end of life decisions and estate are different. You lived a different life than anyone else. Your wishes for what happens to your belongings may be quite unique and special. At Streamlined Estate Planning, we want to make it possible for you to communicate those wishes to those who need to know them properly. With the process we have developed, you can obtain an estate planning package within as little as two weeks. During that time, you will make key decisions about your needs, they will be bound into contracts, and you will get to review them.

What Should Go into an Estate Planning Package?

The estate planning process can include a wide range of tools and documents. Each one will provide very specific steps to be taken when you cannot do so. In most situations, your estate planning attorney will work closely with you to understand what your needs are and then use the proper documents and forms to ensure they are legally represented. Your needs are different, which is why what is included in your estate planning package may also be different from someone else.

Trust and Estate Planning

There are some key components that are often in place in your estate planning service based on what your needs are. First is a will or trust. This is a document that outlines what happens to your belongings, and it provides a basic high level plan that includes any of the decisions you are making now, legally. Wills and trusts are the basis of an estate planning service. A trust helps to minimize decision-making abilities as well as taxation on your property after your death.

Your trust and estate planning needs often will include additional decisions. This may include selecting a durable power of attorney who will make decisions for you if you cannot do so. A letter of intent helps to explain the details of your trust and estate planning.

You may also need beneficiary designations, which outline who you are leaving your assets to, a healthcare power of attorney, who is a person that will make decisions about your health following the information you have given them, and a guardianship designation, which helps you state who will provide care to your dependents.

Each component of this process is critical. An estate planning service like Streamlined Estate Planning will work very closely with you to ensure each step matches your wishes and goals. Most importantly, we can help you to get your trust and estate planning documents in place quickly to ensure you are doing what you need to even in times like right now. Connect with us to learn more.

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