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Estate Planning

The Importance of Not Putting Off Estate Planning

Estate plans are some of the most important documents used today to help make decisions. Yet, many people do not have one. They may also believe some common misconceptions about them, including that they do not need one. Or, you may know the value of estate planning, but you have put it off for lack of time. The longer you wait, the more at risk you are. At Streamlined Estate Planning, we can help you get your estate plan in place fast, and without the frustration you may feel.

What Are Some of the Risks of Putting Off Estate Planning?

The longer you put off estate planning, the more likely it is for you to have lost the ability to make key decisions for yourself. Your estate planning attorney will work closely with you to understand what your goals are. Once that plan is in place, you know that your wishes and goals will be carried out according to what is in your plan. If you become ill, incapacitated, or even die before you can legally put those goals into a plan, you risk other people making key decisions for you.

How Do You Get an Estate Plan in Place?

Working with an estate planning attorney from Streamlined Estate Planning is very easy to do. In fact, we have streamlined the entire process to remove a lot of the limitations many people have. What you may not know is that it can be done using our service online. That means you can have your estate plan in place quickly – often within just two weeks of working with us. It can be that easy to ensure you get everything you need in place.

Are You Unsure If You Need One?

Many people put off reaching out to an estate planning law firm because they believe they have nothing of value and, therefore, do not need an estate plan. That is not the case. Estate plans are made up of various documents and tools to provide you with information that goes beyond what a will does. That means you can make key decisions using it, such as what happens to your home, your pets, and who cares for your children. It gives you the ability to make decisions about your income and other benefits you may have.

Putting an estate plan into place is no longer difficult to do. When you work with our estate planning law firm at Streamlined Estate Planning, you will find it is even faster and more convenient than most other services you use. We provide a free, 10 minute consultation to discuss your options with you and to learn what your needs are. We are fully upfront with you about the details.

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