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Remote Online Estate Planning

How Does Remote Online Estate Planning Work?

It used to be rather complex to obtain a will and put a trust into place. Most often, wills and estates lawyers can try to speed up the process, but it still takes time. That is why our team at Streamlined Estate Planning has designed a new method to make the entire process more effective and efficient for you. In today’s times, it is more important than ever to have a method in place that works and can be put into place quickly. We can help you to do that with our services.

What Is Remote Online Estate Planning?

One of the key obstacles to overcome is distance. We all know how hard it is to meet with people today. Our remote online estate planning allows you to work with attorneys online. These are real time appointments with us that you can have right from your home – or your place of work, or even a coffee shop. You will be able to work with our attorneys to answer questions about your needs and goals. We get to know you and your life so that we can provide you with accurate information about the steps you can take to put a will and trust in place quickly.

If you would rather not use a video service like this, we do offer other options. We can come to our clients with a mobile notary to complete the process for you in person. In person service is an option for you if that is what you are most comfortable with – we are flexible.

Fast Easy Estate Planning That Is Done Well

When you work with our wills and estates lawyers, we spend time learning about you, working with you to create documents to outline your goals, and providing you with legal options. We never tell you what you should do but provide you with the information you need so you can make your own decisions.

The process is easy in terms of completing the documents and working with us. With a few video calls and some review steps, we can have your will and estate in place within a matter of two weeks. Yet, you still have to make all of the decisions. Some people find this hard to do. Our wills and estates lawyers can give you advice and guide your decisions, so the right people are listed in your estate plan.

The best way to learn about our fast easy estate planning process is to connect with us today. Our team is happy to answer all of your questions and to provide you with a one on one consultation for free. Give Streamlined Estate Planning a call today to learn more.

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